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Private and Group Postnatal Yoga Classes

Being a new mum comes with many changes and can be quite overwhelming at times. Most likely somebody not too far away from you is going through the same experience, so why not meet them, share tips and maybe even make a new friend?

After your 6 week postnatal checkup (8 week for c-section) and with the green light from your doctor, you can treat yourself and your baby to postnatal yoga classes.

The sessions focus on you, the mum, but you can bring baby along and find new ways to bond with your little one. Each class is designed to nurture your mind and to help your body recover from pregnancy and birth. 

All exercises are adapted to get you moving safely with the focus on bringing your core muscles back together, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and releasing tension in your neck and shoulders. 

Learn how to breathe fully, move with awareness, reconnect with your body and find your inner calm. 

For a current class schedule scroll down or drop me an email to arrange a private session.

I’ve been attending Linda’s postnatal classes and they’ve been fantastic. I love going to them as she has really helped me with stretching out my back - which has suffered from carrying around a baby.
Linda adapts the class according to how far along postnatally you are.
Her classes are small which make them calming and relaxing, even with babies there! I’ve enjoyed a class where it’s focused on “me” where I can bring the baby along. Linda is brilliant at teaching a class with having the babies there, she’ll help hold / entertain the babies when required to give the mums an opportunity to actually participate in the class as much as possible.

Really great class with fantastic teacher in a lovely setting. You will definitely feel the boost of energy after the class! Linda is a lovely person and a great teacher. She makes everyone feel welcome (including the babies) and the exercises are very varied. The flow is excellent for mums returning to yoga after birth. Everybody can do the exercises at her pace. In order that the mums can get the most out of the sessions, Linda takes care of babies if needed. The location in the Tibetan and Buddhist Meditation centre is just a perfect location to relax and its tea room invites to have a nice chat with the other mums after the class.



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