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Private and Group Prenatal Yoga Classes

Your pregnancy is the perfect time to experience the benefits of yoga.

Join us in a beautiful location and meet other expectant mothers in your neighbourhood for some relaxation and fun.

The class is designed to safely guide you through a gentle flow with adapted yoga poses. In each session we will explore different breathing exercises, yoga poses, visualisations and meditation practices so you can discover valuable tools that work for you throughout your pregnancy, birthing and beyond.

Come along, bond with your baby, retreat from daily commitments and return strengthened and refreshed to your everyday life.

Classes are suitable from week 12 of pregnancy. 

For a current class schedule scroll down or drop me an email to arrange a private session.

Linda is the best yoga teacher I've had - and I tried many! She has the perfect mix of someone who believes in the yoga philosophy and a qualified trainer that will make sure you’re doing it right. She takes the time to explain challenging poses and the class never feels rushed - a rarity in London! She usually chooses a theme for each class and makes you think about motherhood and baby bonding without being too cheesy. Her smile and her soft voice are so welcoming I just wish I was pregnant for longer!

I’ve been going to her classes throughout my second and third trimester and even though some days I felt less up to the challenge, I always have the feeling that I can follow my own rhythm. I think that’s very important on pregnancy yoga because you never know how your body will react, but the fact that Linda’s style is flexible means you never feel like you’re behind or that the class is too slow: you can make it as hard or as easy as you want.


I have been going to yoga classes with Linda throughout my second and third trimester and can highly recommend her as I found it very difficult - after trying different classes and teacher - to find a suitable pregnancy yoga class. For yoga I enjoy a mixture of stretching, workout and relaxation which Linda fully delivers in her classes. There is always the possibility to stretch or intensify the pose depending on your level or how you feel that day. She explains the poses, corrects you if necessary and gives you information in a reasonable amount rather than overloading the class with too much talking or information. Her warm character and calming voice helps you to relax and let go of any thoughts or worries which you have carried around that day. Linda’s classes always give you a great workout - no matter if you are looking for a light or more intense training- and leave you with energy and a great after yoga feeling.


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