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"Linda is the best yoga teacher I've had - and I tried many! She has the perfect mix of someone who believes in the yoga philosophy and a qualified trainer that will make sure you’re doing it right. She takes the time to explain challenging poses and the class never feels rushed - a rarity in London! She usually chooses a theme for each class and makes you think about motherhood and baby bonding without being too cheesy. Her smile and her soft voice are so welcoming I just wish I was pregnant for longer!

I’ve been going to her classes throughout my second and third trimester and even though some days I felt less up to the challenge, I always have the feeling that I can follow my own rhythm. I think that’s very important on pregnancy yoga because you never know how your body will react, but the fact that Linda’s style is flexible means you never feel like you’re behind or that the class is too slow: you can make it as hard or as easy as you want."


"Having just moved to the UK, leaving my comfort zone behind, I was looking for a stress-free way to recharge my batteries, take care of myself and spoil me with some “me-time”.

Coming across Linda’s offer of private yoga classes seemed like the perfect fit, allowing for the flexibility and personalization I was looking for. Linda is amazing in sensing what my body and mind need most that day and adjusts her classes accordingly – grounding, relaxing my back and shoulders, relieving tension, freeing up my mind. You name it.

In addition, the 1:1 classes have really helped me to further improve my yoga skills. Linda is paying close attention to my body and postures, adjusting them carefully where needed and explaining the background behind it. I never had such an in-depth experience in my prior classes.

To me each Yoga session in this beautiful studio feels like a “mini-vacation” that I love to reward myself with. Highly recommended!"


"Linda's approach to yoga is grounded in authenticity - a fresh change from the headstands and bendy forms you see in today's yoga studios. And it's this solid grounding that she taught me that has made my practice that much more fulfilling."


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